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About me


Education / Career

Master of Intelligent Systems, Graduate School of Informatics, Nagoya University

  • April 2019 - Ongoing
  • I’m researching efficient query processing for the GIS database and surface shortest path problems on 3D-TIN.

Bachelor of Information Engineering, School of Engineering, Nagoya University

  • April 2015 - March 2019
  • Construction of a Database System for Analyzing Large Point Cloud Data
    • I investigated a matching for point cloud registration and implemented a faster algorithm by using a point cloud database and pre-calculating.

Experience and Leadership

Internship at Google

  • September 2019 - November 2019
  • I worked on the Chromium browser project in Google Japan. The main project was “Fetch Event Worker Timing”, which enables web developers and G Suite to get several kinds of performance of Service Worker while fetching the resources. This feature contributes to finding bottlenecks in the network requests and caches, creating slow reports in detail and improving site performances. I mainly used C++ for the implementation and JavaScript for the unit tests and the integration tests. Besides, I developed new APIs that the other browser vendors haven’t implemented yet.

Internship at Forcia

  • September 2018
  • I worked on a project to improve the performance of constructing a full-text search index that uses N-gram in Rust. My work contributed to a 4x faster response time of processing search queries.

Internship at Nikkei

  • August 2018
  • I implemented a system to display photos representing the day in Python and internal huge datasets.

Assistant work at Ishikawa Laboratory, Nagoya University

  • April 2018 - Now
  • I worked on a system replacing tasks in the laboratory where I belonged. The old system was an asset management system implemented based on Excel sheets. The old system was replaced with a modern web system powered by Django and MySQL. I worked as an individual contributor and managed 3 people to achieve the goal of the project.

Research Assistant at Laboratory, Nagoya University

  • August 2017 - March 2018
  • I implemented a web crawler and an analysis tool in Python in order to test a hypothesis about the relationship between human thoughts and food preferences. The hypothesis is that there is a correlation between supporting some specific political parties and being fond of junk foods. I succeeded in experimenting with this hypothesis verification by using the developed system.

Leader of Nagoya University Programming Contest Club

  • April 2017 - December 2019
  • I created a club for people who work on competitive programming contests. The main purpose of the club is to improve the abilities by teaching algorithms to each other and practice for some contests such as ICPC. I succeeded in making a good community and contributed to enhancing the whole level of competitive programming in our university.


Build your own X July 2019 - Ongoing

Build your own X is a famous online project to gather many online resources for implementing various kinds of famous software from scratch. I have been utilizing these resources in order to improve my understanding of several kinds of famous software.

C compiler April 2020 - Ongoing

My goal is to write the smallest C compiler which is able to compile itself. I choose a subset of C which was general enough to write a small C compiler. Its parser is a hand-written recursive descendant parser, so that the compiler doesn’t have any black box such as lex and yacc.

Nand2Tetris March 2020 - April 2020

The best way to understand a computer is to build one from scratch. I started with an electronic element called NAND and then designed logic gates, adders and CPU, then implemented assembler, virtual machine, compiler and operating system. Finally I run applications such as Tetris on it.

Competitive Programming April 2017 - July 2019

I’ve been falling in love with competitive programming since I encountered the sport for the first time. Since then, I practiced a lot to win several contests and achieved a 1-3% rating in the online contest sites. This experience also contributes to enhancing my understanding of data structures and algorithms and I effectively utilize the knowledge to implement various kinds of software.
Rating: AtCoder (1998, top 3%), HackerRank (2065, top 1%) — Account: Yang33

Mini Projects & Productions


  • Recruit Speed Hackathon, February 2019 — 1st by improving site performances of TOWNWORK in a team
  • PGBattle, November 2018 — 3rd (team Ch0kuda1) (top 3 award)
  • Aizu Competitive Programming Camp 2017 Day 3, September 2017 — 2nd (team ACPC_Anzio_High)

OSS Contributions


  • Database
  • How the system works
  • Performance tuning
  • Data structure
  • Hot spring ♨
  • Animals 🐤
  • Marathon 💨
  • Tennis 🎾



  • Languages
    • (Long experience): C++, Rust, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, ShellScript, SML, HTML, CSS
    • (can read) Go, Java
  • Tools
    • Django, Flask, pybind, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Hugo, Git, Docker, React.js, Ubuntu